Implant Training & Mentoring Academy

Implant Starter Course

Key Information

This course consists of weekly online classes delivered by Drs Mohsin Ali, Sahraa Jabbar, Aneel Jabbar and Toheed Hamid.
The 12 session course will be spread over 3 months beginning Sunday 26th September until Sunday 19th December 2021, followed by a full hands-on day covering surgical and prosthetic kits and practising placing implants on anatomic models.
Hands-on Session to be organised (covid-permitting)
All delegates will also be added to a private WhatsApp group where cases can be shared and discussed with course tutors in a learning-friendly environment.
Month 1: Planning Implant related treatments
Month 2: Surgical aspects of implant dentistry
Month 3: Restorative aspects of implant dentistry
Lesson duration: 60-90 mins per week
Total CPD: 24 hours covering GDC learning outcomes A, C and D.
Lessons will be recorded and accessible for 2 weeks after each session for delegates.

Learning aim:

To provide a foundational implant dentistry course, covering the basic theoretical and practical elements of implant dentistry and encouraging delegates to further their knowledge of dental implants and their awareness of the treatment options they can provide.

Learning objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the delegates should be able to:

Month 1 breakdown

  • Lesson 1
    • Intro to dental implants • Aetiology and impact of tooth loss • Understand why teeth need to be replaced • Indications for implants • Initial patient assessment
  • Lesson 2
    • Structured implant patient assessment and treatment planning • Medical conditions relevant to implant dentistry • Discussion of relevant social and dental factors • Highlight the importance and key points of the clinical examination in respect to dental implants
  • Lesson 3
    • List different imaging techniques utilised in dental implant treatment • Describe the radiation dose from various imaging techniques • Discuss radiation protection principles • Describe indications for 2D and 3D radiographic imaging • Introduction to the risk assessment tool (SAC) developed by the ITI
  • Lesson 4
    • Discuss the benefits of minimally traumatic extraction techniques • Understand alveolar changes following the loss of a tooth • Describe techniques to remove teeth while minimising trauma to the hard and soft tissue • Describe the use of ridge preservation in surgical dentistry and the indications • Understand the various bone graft materials available

Month 2 Breakdown

  • Lesson 5
    • Anatomy relevant to dental implants
  • Lesson 6
    • Describe the pre-operative steps involved in preparing a patient for dental implant surgery • A review of operative steps to aid dental implant surgery • Describe surgical equipment required for dental implant surgery including BioHorizons drill kit • Understand the importance of good post-operative care instructions
  • Lesson 7
    • Understand the basic principles of flap design • Review relevant anatomy associated with flap design • Describe various techniques for safely raising flaps for implant surgery • Describe how to prepare an osteotomy and equipment used to place an implant
  • Lesson 8
    • Describe the basic principles of suturing • Understand the ideal properties of a suture material • Understand different types of needles • Describe the various suturing techniques

Month 3 breakdown

  • Lesson 9
    Review of restoratively driven planning and principles. Overview of the stages of restoring a dental implant. Classification of implant loading Uncovery techniques and step by step. Overview of restorative kit.
  • Lesson 10
    Description of healing abutment and associated components. Describe features of the implant restoration including abutment designs, connections, materials, emergence profile, retention methods. Principles of occlusion Impression techniques step by step. Lab instructions.
  • Lesson 11
    Lab stages in the fabrication of an implant restoration. Fitting of restoration step by step. Description of fitting screw and cement retained crowns. Describe reasons for misfit. Overview of angle correction.
  • Lesson 12
    Maintenance protocols. Short and long term complications. Description of more complex implant restorations. Marketing implants in practice. Future implant training and mentoring

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